Big things have determined beginnings …

Informally co-founded by three undocumented youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pre-Health Dreamers was formed out of the need for answers in their personal pursuits of higher education at the graduate and medical levels. Angel, Denisse, and New have paved their own paths throughout college and have leveraged each person’s expertise in skillful advocacy, networking, and community-building to build a community, resource, and forum. The varied but unique backgrounds and perspectives of each individual contribute to the ambitious mission of Pre-Health Dreamers.




Dreamers to Doctors

Dreamers to Doctors is a short film that focuses on four undocumented youth who are aspiring to become health professionals. The film shares their immigration stories, their motivations for pursuing a career in the health profession, the barriers they have faced along their journeys, and the opportunities that exists.

The film touches upon the Affordable Care Act that has enabled more people to obtain health coverage including many people who are immigrants with limited English Proficiency. Dreamers to Doctors highlights the need for culturally diverse doctors and how undocumented youth can help address the shortage of healthcare professionals—particularly primary care doctors—to meet the needs of the newly insured.

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