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    Immigrant Leaders Talk Undocumented Students And Higher Education: “Dignity Days” Chat

    A must-watch recording of the virtual conversation (click here), along with a list of resources for undocumented students, below.

    A big thanks to leaders and students from UWD, NILC, the Domestic Workers Alliance, DRM Action, PHDreamers, Harvard University, and Colorado State University for joining us.

    Panelists shared their experiences navigating the higher education system as undocumented students, many of whom graduated before the implementation of DACA.

    Latino USA: Dreams Become Reality for Undocumented Med Students

    May 15, 2015

    “It’s so hard to see someone get on a plane and not know when you’re going to see them again.” Denisse Rojas recounts the last time she saw her mother who in dire need of a surgery immigrated to Canada.

    “When my mom left, that’s what gave me the fuel to know that I want to do medicine and overcome the obstacles that come along the way.”

    Listen to NPR’s Latino USA compelling radio piece on Denisse’s journey to medicine, the story of Pre-Health Dreamers, and the injustice undocumented communities face in the healthcare system.

    “Dreamers to Doctors” Premiered on May 29!

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    Watch the teaser & Take Action

    KQED’s Perspectives: Jirayut

    KQED Perspectives Thumbnail

    “Today I’m blessed with the opportunity to pursue my aspirations of becoming the doctor that my community needs and deserves. However, to fulfill that role I must continue to advocate for increased access to health careers and health care coverage for all people regardless of immigration status. I want to be part of a just and humane health care system that doesn’t discriminate because of immigration status and that will allow me to provide care to my very own family. That’s precisely why I’m advocating for “Health For All” in California.

    I share my story in the hopes that no other undocumented student will ever have to feel hopeless, isolated, and powerless ever again in their pursuit of health & science careers. That is the mission of Pre-Health Dreamers.”

    Please hear my story here — New


    Stay Informed About Healthcare Issues in Immigration Reform

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    Hot Off the Press!

    ATTENTION all undocumented pre-med students! Be sure to check out our first Medical School FAQ guide for answers to all the essential questions.

    Can you attend medical school? How do you talk about your status in your application — should you?….and more!


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