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Changing the Game

Pre-Health Dreamers is the first undocumented student-born organization to push for changes in admission policies at health-related professional programs denying students due to their status.


Pre-Health Dreamers’ National Community Coalition (NCC) seeks to address barriers and empower institutions that seek to better assist and work with the undocumented community. Through a year-long training, support, and collaboration with the members that serve in these institutions, we will enrich the spaces they provide for the most historically excluded communities.


We are excited to have signed on our first member schools:

SUNY Upstate Medical University and California University of Science and Medicine.


PHD changed admission policies at nursing programs and other health-related programs denying students due to their status.

PEEP Photo Collage  (80 × 20 cm) (1)_edited.jpg


PEEP fosters opportunities for undocumented individuals to become leaders in their professional programs, healthcare, and research through workshops, training, guest speakers, and peer mentorship. After completing PEEP, alums will continue to be offered leadership opportunities to train undocumented individuals to advocate for equitable higher education and professional program access.


PHD works to inform educators and program decision-makers about California laws and policies that advance undocumented students in pursuing health-related programs and careers. We invite you to join our efforts to create welcoming admission requirements and spaces for undocumented students pursuing health-related professional programs at your campus.

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