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Health Care Access

Blood Pressure

DACA and Medi-Cal

“Enrolling in Medi-Cal means you will have access to health services for FREE or at low cost, including preventative services- like annual check-ups, dental and vision care, and medication.”


Pre-Health Dreamers' undocu ally training is designed for health professionals and pre-health students. This presentation defines the undocumented community and provides essential national-level data that brings awareness to the needs of this population. Our team will also discuss legislation affecting undocumented and immigrant communities and their access to health care, and how structural competency relates to undocumented immigrants. We will provide ideas for creating a safe clinical space, strengthening the connection between you and your undocumented patients, and developing partnerships that will continue to bring this training to your sites.

Please contact for more information and to request a training.


Building Stronger Connections &

A Safe Space for Undocumented Patients

Students in Library

Immigrant Health Community Packet

“Thank you to the CA-PIF, Outreach & Communications Workgroup and immigrant community experts for the Immigrant Health Community Packet below!”

Please contact to request a presentation.


“Pre-Health Dreamers has a shared vision of a healthier community, where everyone has access to affordable and quality health care regardless of immigration status. We are committed to collaborating with community partners in the effort to redefine “health” and “health care” for the undocumented immigrant communities, and to advocate for changes in legislation or policies to reach our vision. Documented or undocumented, everyone deserves to be healthy.”

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