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PEEP | Student Portal 

The advent of long and ongoing educational system for professional has highlighted the need for better policy at both the institutional and local level.  We are looking for the most interesting applications that make up a variety of backgrounds to tackle these educational boulders. This is the program to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with students from like minded environments. As a member of the PEEP Cohort you will be armed with the tools and social networks needed to tackle higher educational pursuits as an immigrant. Interested in all of the above? Join our 2024 PEEP Cohort!  

Please make sure that you are willing to commit to attend mandatory sessions and meet the PEEP Innovative Challenge commitments. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. 

What Our Students Say

PEEP Photo Collage  (80 × 20 cm) (1).png
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Thao Ma, B.A. Psychologu, MN Chemistry 

"Since being a program participant of Pre-Health Dreamers, I don’t withdraw myself from internships anymore. Instead, I push myself to question the organization about its eligibility and requirements. "
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