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Institutional Guidance: Post-Bacc

Academic barriers, such as institutions refusing to admit students based on their immigration status, can present unnecessary stress and challenges to rising students. These guides provide information on how to apply for programs that consider undocumented applicants with temporary benefits, DACA, or other immigration statuses. 


“Specifically, the survey elucidates the demographics of undocumented students pursuing health and health-science careers, describes the barriers they face within educational settings (e.g. access to pre-health advisors and career advising, financial aid challenges, and peer support networks), provides insights to their lived experiences (e.g. key challenges they have faced due to their immigration status), and describes their career aspirations (e.g. which degree programs they are pursuing and if they wish to practice in underserved areas). The survey was designed to build on previous initiatives and be a collaborative project with continued input and guidance from PHD staff.”

pre-health_2019 barriers report.png


This document guides postbaccalaureate programs on considering undocumented applicants with temporary benefits or protections while in the United States and applicants without a Social Security Number (SSN). These temporary protections include Temporary Protective Status (TPS) or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). We want to encourage programs to strengthen the holistic support provided to undocumented students pursuing postbaccalaureate programs at their institutions.

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