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Program Details

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Checkout our 2023 PEEP Innovation Challenge Projects

Over the last couple of months, our student's worked hard to tackle some of the most challenging issues within the immigrant and health care systems. View our three favorite winning projects from the top submissions. 

Problem Pitching

Jan - Feb 

During the dates of January 25th - February 15th, teams will meet at least once to discuss possible problems that they would want their group to tackle. Problems can stem from any three branches: 1) educational challenges for immigrant youth, 2) healthcare discrepancies for immigrant communities, 3) any other immigrant issues you faced as an undocumented student. Inspiration for problem can stem from personal experiences faced as an undocumented student.


Feb - March

Teams will enter the "Brainstorming" phase after a problem has been identified that has to be resolved. During this time, teams will gather to create and construct solutions. In order to create and construct solutions, may use pre-existing models presented by academic literature and provide their own twist. 

Poster Exhibition

July 13th 
Los Angeles, California

Teams will be presenting their projects via their posters at the annual conference for PhDreamers held this year in-person at Los Angeles, California. After the last team has pitched, judges will deliberate, and winners will be announced at the end of the event. 

Solution: Building your poster

March - June

After receiving and incorporating mentor comments, teams start composing a poster that summarizes their process for coming up with an inventive solution. On Scholar Teaching Day, poster templates will be made available at the commencement of the program. Posters will include an introduction, an issue explanation, and a solution.


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