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Meet our Students!

We are excited to highlight the stories of some of our PEEP participants across the nation who are striving to attend graduate and health professional programs. This 2022 Cohort consisted of 42 participants scattered across the nations.

Please get to know our future scientists, educators, and health providers by hearing their stories and learning from their advice below!

Copy of Ana Steto.JPG


Career: Medicine

I am majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Dietetics, Food, and Nutrition at Lehman College. Recently I graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an associate degree in Biology in June of 2021. My professional goal is to have a career in a healthcare environment because healthcare is a human right. I am passionate about increasing access to healthcare for marginalized communities. In addition to my educational background, I fluently speak Greek, Albanian, and English.

Copy of Karla Gonzales.jpg


Career: Public Health

Copy of Clementine Chen.JPG


Career: Medicine

Clementine is a sophomore student from Bryn Mawr College.

Copy of Diana Velez.jpg

Daniela V.

Career:Public Policy

Daniela is a Venezuela native, DACAmented, feminist, student, and public advocate for her community in the state of NJ. She is currently working with the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as an office manager connecting statewide Hispanic businesses in New Jersey. She assists with different functions of the Chamber and helps develop strong relationships with various businesses and other community sources to support the Chamber's expansion and development. In addition, she is currently working as the Director of UndocuJersey, which is an organization created to provide educational resources to undocumented and documented students with undocumented parents yearning to pursue higher education. As Director, she works with the rest of her team to create partnerships with high schools, school districts, institutions of higher education, and other New Jersey-based organizations. They have hosted numerous college fairs and professional development workshops and facilitated or presented at conferences. Not only that, she was recently an intern for Councilman James Solomon in Jersey City, in which she worked closely with local policy and campaign work during the 2020 election. In 2016, she earned two associate degrees from Rowan College at Burlington County, one in Engineering and one in Business Administration. She is finishing her bachelor's as a student at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, majoring in Public Policy and a minor in Women and Gender Studies, both from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Copy of Delmi Santos.jpg


Career: Medicine/PhD

My name is Delmy. I was born in Morazan, El Salvador, and I entered the US as a baby in my mother's arms. Being in the US provided various opportunities for my family and opened many doors for me. I received the first high school diploma in my family and am currently a senior in the Bioscience program at Farmingdale State College. My goal is to become an internal medicine physician who also researches preventive medicine. I also want to be able to help anyone I can with any struggles they face in being able to get a higher education.

Copy of Diana Sanchez Ceballos.jpg

Diana S. Z.

Career: Physician Assistant

My name is Diana S. Z. I was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, to two Peruvian parents. I moved to Peru when I was three and later came to the US after an economic crisis struck our country. I have grown up in a small town in South Jersey. I was able to become DACA the year before going into college. In college, I majored in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology with a minor in Jewish Studies. I was fortunate enough to receive many scholarships for my hard work. I graduated in 2020 with hopes to matriculate into Medical school. However, after further analysis, I decided medical school was not right for me. I aspire to be a physician assistant while working as a nursing aide on a cardiology floor in my local hospital. I hope to be able to apply in 2022.

Copy of Diana Flores.jpg

Diana F.

Career: Medicine, PhD

My name is Diana F. I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I immigrated to the United States at three and grew up in San Jose, California. I’m a third-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Molecular Cell Biology and a minor in Nutritional Sciences. My pre-health career of interest is medicine, and I hope to become a doctor with a specialty in pediatrics, or I’m open to exploring other specialty fields. By pursuing my career, I hope to increase Latino representation in the medical field and be a source of medical assistance for those seeking care. Often undocumented immigrants or those from low socioeconomic backgrounds receive unfair healthcare treatment, inspiring me to one day be a doctor who helps the community. I enjoy trying different coffee shops, going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with my friends and family during my free time.



Career: Medicine

Biology and Sociology Major at Providence. Interested in advancing diversity and cultural competency in the medical field.

Copy of Exel Estrada.jpeg


Career: Medicine

Copy of Flavia Negrete.jpeg


Career: Medicine

I am a Peruvian-born, American-raised, Hispanic-immigrant woman. Attending university as a first-generation American was a privilege denied to many undocumented community members, so I was adamant about making the most of this opportunity. Admittedly, I continued to grapple with the uncertainty of my status and whether it would hinder my ability to pursue internships and apply for jobs. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual degree in (1) Biochemistry and (2) Cell Physiology & Neurobiology. Then, I was offered to complete a two-year M.S. program in Bioinformatics held at the University of Maryland sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I was one of two students admitted to this program's inaugural class. I pursued my degrees to silence those who told me I should be afraid, apologetic, and ashamed of my status. But more importantly, these achievements belong to my undocumented community, who I turn to for strength and support at every turn.



Career: Medicine, Postbaccalaureate program

Hi, my name is Flor. I was born in El Salvador, then moved to Los Angeles, then to Houston and finally came to Richardson for college. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am majoring in Neuroscience with a Business Administrator minor on the premed track. I aspire to contribute to the health field by bridging the gap between what is known and unknown through research and implementing that knowledge to enhance health for all people as a physician. I like to read, do anything fitness-related, and try new things in my free time. I also go by Flower, the English translation of my name.

Copy of Fracisca Castaneda.JPG


Career: Exploring Medicine, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Programs

My name is Francisca. I'm currently a first-year student at the University of California, Irvine. I'm pursuing a major in biology. I'm passionate about spreading positivity, medicine, cultural awareness, and raising awareness for mental health. I love improving my community and taking action against social injustices. While it is easy to become overwhelmed in the face of societal issues. I always see the world not for what it is but for what it could be.

Copy of Gabriela Guaman Castillo.jpeg


Career: Nursing

Copy of Gabiela Bardji.jpg


Career: Medicine, Postbaccalaureate program

My name is Gabriella, and I am originally from Cameroun. Moving to the United States has provided me with numerous possibilities to further my education. I am currently in my last year of undergrad and will graduate in the spring of 2022 with a B.S. in Biology and a Chemistry minor. I enjoy tutoring and mentoring other students of the same background to make education more accessible for all. I hope to gain medical experience to apply to a medical school. I would love to become a physician and specialize in pediatrics. As a physician in the U.S., I hope to go back to the diverse community I grew up in and help eradicate the health disparities that are so prevalent.

pre-health_2019 barriers report_edited.jpg


Career: Exploring Medicine, B.S.

I'm an undocumented person, trying my hardest to graduate and pursue a career to help save people and advance the scientific industry. Through surgery or scientific/medicinal intervention, I would like to extend and enhance the lives of everyone.

Copy of Gloria Rinconi.jpeg


Career: Exploring Medicine, Physician Assistant

My name is Gigi, and I immigrated to the US at the age of 1. I have lived in the US for over 21 years, and during that time, I developed a passion for immigration rights. I am currently a DACA recipient and a recent college graduate. Some of my proudest moments have been sharing my story with the New York Times, winning state and national titles in pageantry, and working in the medical field as a therapist for children on the spectrum.

Copy of Jessica Lane.jpg


Career: Medicine

Hi, my name is Jessica. I was born in Mexico and grew up in Greensboro, NC. I am currently working as a medical scribe at a retina clinic and volunteering as a certified medical interpreter. I graduated from Guilford College with a B.A in Biology and am an aspiring physician. My calling to medicine stems from my desire to be a compassionate provider who raises awareness of preventative medicine and advocates for accessible healthcare, particularly in underserved communities. I love hiking, exploring museums, and being around friends and family in my spare time.

pre-health_2019 barriers report_edited.jpg


Career: Exploring Medicine, Nursing

Copy of Jonathan Lopez.jpg


Career: Medicine

I am a DACA recipient and have always been passionate about helping others. I studied Environmental Science at UC Santa Barbara, and recently, I have decided to pursue medical school and become a pediatrician. After graduating, I continued to work hard through the ranks in the airline industry and achieved the opportunity to become an operations manager for a global airline. As an operations manager, I connect the world through problem-solving. I enjoy working out, spending time with family, and being a jet setter when I am not working.

Copy of Juana Rodriguez.jpeg


Careers: Exploring Medicine, Postbaccalaureate program, Dentistry, Engineering

My name is Juana, and I was born in Jalisco, Mexico. I migrated to the United States when I was eight years old. In 2018 I earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Materials Engineering. Since I graduated, I’ve been fortunate to work in the pharmaceutical industry. My dream is to become a physician and practice in the Inland Empire. I like to ride horses and spend time with my family during my free time.

Copy of Karen Cruz.JPG


Career: Physician Assistant, Public Health

Hello! My name is Karen, I am originally from the beautiful state of Oaxaca, Mexico, but I have lived most of my life in North Carolina. I am a third-year student at Elon University majoring in Public Health and minoring in Biology, Spanish, and Poverty and Social Justice. I aspire to obtain a Master’s in Public Health Studies and Physician Assistant Studies. These degrees will allow me to work in healthcare and provide more culturally appropriate/humble care for Latinx/Hispanic immigrant communities. Overall, I aspire to one day assist immigrant communities by providing quality care at little to no cost!

Copy of Karla Aguilar.jpeg


Career: Exploring Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant

My name is Karla, and I'm a junior at George Mason University. I hope to graduate in the spring of 2023 with a bachelor's degree in Biology. I️ want to continue my education by attending a PA program to pursue my dream career of becoming a physician assistant, preferably in general practice or cardiology.

Copy of Kevin Molina Macias.jpg


Career: Medicine, Public Health

Copy of Michael Nicholas.JPG


Career: Medicine, PhD, Postbaccalaureate program

My name is Michael, and I aspire to serve my community as a physician. I have lived in South Florida since I was five years old after immigrating from Haiti. I completed a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. In my spare time, I love to read and watch basketball.

Copy of Miriam Cruz Garcia.jpeg


Career: Medicine, Nursing, Physician Assistant

Copy of Miryam Mutate.png


Career: Medicine, Public Health

As a first-generation, low-income Latina immigrant, I have witnessed firsthand how communities like mine have been marginalized and side-lined my entire life. Seeing and experiencing these kinds of injustices make me aware of the shortage of people who look like the community they serve and understand that underserved community.

Copy of  Mughil Sriramvenugopal.png


Career: Medicine

My name is Mughil. I was born in India and grew up in Jacksonville, FL. I graduated from the University of Florida with my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. I am currently working as a research technician in molecular biology and am an aspiring physician. I am passionate about improving healthcare access for underserved and immigrant communities. I love reading comics, trying new foods, and spending time with my family in my free time.



Career: Exploring Medicine

My name is Nelly, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying biochemistry. I was born in Yucatan, Mexico, but have lived primarily in the United States. I aspire to pursue a career path in clinical research to better understand trends and innovations in biomedicine. I enjoy listening to and writing spoken poetry in my free time, and sometime in the future, I hope to publish my own poetry book!

Copy of Paloma Itzetl Lazcano Avila.jpg


Career: Medicine

Paloma L. is a first-generation student pursuing a Biological Science degree with an emphasis on Molecular Cell Biology at the University of California, Merced. She was born in Mexico and moved to San Pablo when she was six. From a young age, she knew she wanted a medical career, and attending UC Merced has brought her one step closer. She will graduate in Spring 2022 and take two gap years to gain clinical experience before applying to medical school. Her time in the Central Valley exposed her to the health inequities in the region. For example, the doctor shortage. To directly address this issue, she aspires to be a Pediatric Surgeon; her career path will help future generations and improve her community’s health outcomes. She allows her community by volunteering for Golden Valley Health Center and UCSF: Fresno Mobile HeaL to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

Copy of Paola Cervantes.jpg


Career: Public Health

Paola is a Political Science, International Studies & Latin American Studies student at the University of Utah. At the age of 16, she emigrated to the United States. Since then, he has participated in various state organizations dedicated to education, civil rights, immigration, and community leadership. In 2018, she was named Salt Lake City, Utah Youth of the Year, and awarded by the ACLU national organization. Paola is passionate about history and politics, but she is more interested in international law and public health laws. Paola has participated in research for the College of Law and the Faculty of Anthropology. His most recent publication is based on the survival advantage of men in the Baja California peninsula. She did her internship at the Dream Center at the University of Utah to support first-generation students and students of mixed-status. She is currently doing an internship at Communities United, a non-profit organization that offers health and immigration resources for low-income families.

Copy of Raquel Morales.png


Career: Public Health

I am majoring in Public Health at California State University, Los Angeles. My pronouns are she/her/Ella. I am passionate about community development and addressing urgent societal issues. I am open to new opportunities to learn and grow my skill set and background, especially regarding on-the-ground organizing with various community members. My public health goal is to make people aware of how our resources impact our overall health and well-being. I hope to one day continue to uplift voices and work to find opportunities and resources for my community by advocating for equality in health care.

Copy of Thao Ma.png


Career: Medicine, B.S Psychology

I'm passionate about learning! I put myself in a wide range of fields of study to explore my interests and skills. I'm looking forward to finding learning opportunities through job offers and hands-on internships. My work and volunteer experience have been circulating community work, youth development, entrepreneurship, and healthcare. I believe that being a college student is my prime time because this is where I will learn the most!

Copy of Yesica Tumax.png


Career: Exploring Public Health, Physician Assistant

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