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PEEP | Mentor Portal 

The introduction of lengthy and ongoing professional education programs has brought attention to the need for stronger institutional and municipal policy. This is the program to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with students from like minded environments. As a mentor of the PEEP Cohort you will be an essential guide for our students by providing feedback.  

Mentors are only required to contribute feedback to student during the "Mentor Check-In" session which tend to happen during the second half of the month. See PEEP Program Schedule for more information. 

Coming soon

PEEP Scholar Program Schedule for Mentor 

Full program schedule, highlighted with mandatory, optional and workshop events. 

Mentor Resources

Mentors will have access to specific resources provided by PhDreamers in order to help guide students through the project. 

What Our Students Say

PEEP Photo Collage  (80 × 20 cm) (1).png
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Thao Ma, B.A. Psychologu, MN Chemistry 

"Since being a program participant of Pre-Health Dreamers, I don’t withdraw myself from internships anymore. Instead, I push myself to question the organization about its eligibility and requirements. "
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