Full Name: 

Johanna Montoya

Hometown: Villa Park, Illinois

School: Quinnipiac University

Program: Physician Assistant


Hi! My name is Johanna Montoya. I am currently a first year PA student. I am originally from Lima, Peru, I came to the U.S when I was eight years old with my mom. My path to becoming a PA hasn't been easy, being a Dreamer has had its difficulties, as I am sure you guys are very well aware. However, I have always found a passion for giving back to others and a passion for medicine. Being part an underserved community as an immigrant I have found, that there is a lack of Hispanic medical providers in this country. That is why as I pursuit my career, I look forward to working not only to serve the Hispanic community but the overall underserved communities in the U.S. As a future PA, I find that the flexibility that the career provides would allow me to serve these communities to my full potential.

Fun Fact:

I am a huge fun of ER and Gilmore Girls, I have watched the seasons probably 10 times. Netflix is a guilty pleasure.

What advice would you give to future undocumented students applying to graduate programs?

One of the biggest advice I would give a fellow Dreamer is to hold your head up high and do not ever be ashamed of your immigration status. Applying to graduate programs is such a HUGE accomplishment and even a bigger one for a DREAMER.

Something that my dad has always said to me is that: Life events can take away, your house, your money, your car etc, but it will never be able to take away your education!

Keep on fighting, keeping on dreaming!

I am always available to help a fellow future PA  or anyone pre-health dreamer. Just contact me! (