PHD-logo-HB-condensed-March-2014 Irving  Yepez

Veracruz, Mexico

Orland Park/IL, USA

Rush University



Hi everyone, My name is Irving Alejandro Yepez, and I was born in Boca del rio Vercaruz, Mexico. I arrived to Chicago when I was 14 Years old. I hated school, because I did not speak English but as time went on, I started to learn it but still did not wanted to attend to college at all. During my freshman year in college, I took Biology class which made me love Science, so I decided to do anything in the medical field. I switched from Physical Therapist to Perfusion Technology. I love how the heart works so that is why I chose this amazing yet challenging career.

One day i took a bus to get to my house from the hospital and as i got on the bus, the bus driver asked me How old are you? and I answered "I am fine and you?" My brother started laughing because he understood what she was saying. He told me what she said in Spanish, and I turned red because I thought she was asking me "How are you".  sorry i could not upload a picture because of the size

Please seek help for everything! Do not wait till last minute to look for loans or scholarships. Follow what you love and not just the amount of money you will get once you graduate. My dad once told me "Trabaja lo mas duro que puedas, poor que siempre hay alguien que esta mirando tu dedicacion y esfuerzo y al final la vida te va a recompesar"
-Work as hard as you can, because there is always someone who is watching your dedication and effort and in the end you will be rewarded.