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  • Statistics | Pre-Health Dreamers

    PEEP's 2024 Cohort admitted 86 students , of which close to 70% are pursuing medicine Overview of our Pre-Health Dreamers student participants, Approximately 90% of participants are First-Generation: 16 % 5 % Over 60% identify as Latino Over 16% identify as Asian Over 75% identify as Female Over 5% identify as Black In 2023-2024, PHD: PHD is a national program. However, 50% of participants reside in California, including: Los Angeles San Bernardino Bay Area Central California Changed admission policies at over 20 schools in California. ​ Reached 3200 students and educators through training; ​ Met with 210 students through 1-on-1 advising; Undocu Launch Pad PHD piloted UndocuLaunch Pad in 2024. Entrepreneurship can be an option for scholars and professionals in the health workforce, as their immigration status will prevent them from applying for traditional employment. Dentists, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and other health professionals can serve their communities and enjoy financial independence with their own businesses or contracts. PHDreamers Learn More Annual Report in A low number (5-10%) of undocumented students matriculating into professional programs ​ Inequitable educational and health access of specialized support for this population PHDreamers 2 0 2 4

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    In the News Please learn about PHD's efforts and join our cause May 2023 Newletter Yadira Ortiz, PHDreamer's Director interview with Gente Unidas's podcast "Magnificent Mujer" Pre-Health Dreamers' Response to Supreme Court DACA Decision Striking down DACA would eliminate thousands of health care workers, thwarting America’s pandemic response DACA health workers risk their lives to fight COVID-19 while they await SCOTUS ruling "We are medical workers. It is our duty to protect America from COVID-19" | Opinion Piece Thousands of DACA health care workers fight coronavirus — and worry about their fate

  • Student Portal | PEEP | Pre-Health Dreamers

    PEEP | Student Portal The advent of long and ongoing educational system for professional has highlighted the need for better policy at both the institutional and local level. We are looking for the most interesting applications that make up a variety of backgrounds to tackle these educational boulders. This is the program to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with students from like minded environments. As a member of the PEEP Cohort you will be armed with the tools and social networks needed to tackle higher educational pursuits as an immigrant. Interested in all of the above? Join our 2024 PEEP Cohort! Please make sure that you are willing to commit to attend mandatory sessions and meet the PEEP Innovative Challenge commitments. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Apply PEEP Scholar Program Schedule for Students Full program schedule, highlighted with mandatory, optional and workshop events. PEEP Student Resources Resources shared during webinars that is made available to Pre-Health Dreamers PEEP Students for the 2023 Cohort. What Our Students Say Thao Ma, B.A. Psychologu, MN Chemistry "Since being a program participant of Pre-Health Dreamers, I don’t withdraw myself from internships anymore. Instead, I push myself to question the organization about its eligibility and requirements. "

  • Our Team | Pre-Health Dreamers

    The Team Who We Are Yadira Ortiz Executive Director Flavia Negrete Project Coordinator Rocio Muñante Navarro Program Coordinator Maria Navarro PEEP Project Coordinator Nashelit Ochoa Research Fellow Yadi Ortiz Yadira Ortiz Executive Director For over a decade, Yadira has collaborated with students, families, staff and faculty in the educational system to advocate for procedural and institutional change. She has continuously been an advocate for students and works to ensure that students are empowered, engaged and encouraged. Yadira has also mentored students, student organizations and their allies in becoming agents of change for themselves and others. Witnessing the lack of assistance for undocumented students in higher education has pushed Yadira to research, create and establish resources, programming, emergency grants and trainings in the CSU and other educational systems. She has created workshops and presentations regarding the following topics: higher education, the needs of undocumented students, ally trainings, how to establish resource centers, the importance of networking and more. Yadira was fundamental in founding the Dream Success Center at California State University, San Bernardino and was recently the Assistant Director for Long Beach State’s Dream Success Center. Yadira has years of experience in community outreach, advising, and presenting at local and national conferences. She has also been a vocal representative during round table conversations with local consulates, immigration lawyers and counselors to discuss the needs of the community. Maria Navarro PEEP Project Manager Maria Navarro Nuñez holds a Bachelor of Science in Global Disease Biology and Public Health from the University of California, Davis. Maria grew up in California's San Joaquin Central Valley and is passionate about promoting equity and inclusion in healthcare and education, particularly for immigrant communities. Her professional experience includes work in both academic and clinical areas. She began her career as a Marketing and Outreach Specialist at San Joaquin Delta College, where she established programs to support undocumented students and played a key role in establishing the Dreamers Success Center. Maria later shifted her focus to clinical research and worked on several clinical studies funded by federal organizations such as the NIH and various academic grants. Additionally, she served as a clinical research coordinator at UCSF Mission Bay's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where she worked with the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment (PRHE). Before joining PRHE, she also worked in Maternal-Fetal clinical research at Stanford University. Maria aspires to pursue a doctorate in public health with a focus on epidemiology and health policy, where she aims to raise awareness of the lived experiences of immigrant communities and promote equity in healthcare and education. She is enthusiastic about continuing her work towards improving population health in immigrant communities, focusing on advancing maternal and reproductive health and health policy. Rocio Muñante Navarro Program Coordinator Rocio Muñante Navarro recently joined Pre-Health Dreamers to pursue her passion for immigration justice and advocating for access to medical services to historically underserved communities. She has worked with various organizations centered around equity and diversity-focused in bringing resources to low-income, POC, and underserved communities. She immigrated from Perú at the age of four and was raised in the South Bay of Southern California. She began her undergraduate education at El Camino Community College and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of California, Riverside. She has researched COVID-19’s impact on migrant farming communities, which has been utilized to advise municipalities on public health education and decreasing vaccine hesitancy within Latinx communities. During the height of the pandemic, she contributed to bringing several testing sites, vaccination clinics, free clinics, and food distributions to some of the most vulnerable communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Her passion for pursuing medicine comes from the inequalities she faced growing up undocumented and uninsured. She aspires to become a Physician to provide culturally competent healthcare and advocate for equitable access to healthcare. She hopes to use her background and lived experiences as an undocumented individual to be a mentor for the next generations of undocumented aspiring healthcare professionals. Flavia Negrete, MS PEEP Coordinator Flavia Negrete just finished her graduate program and received her Master's of Science in Bioinformatics from the University of Maryland. Previously she graduated with a double B.S. degree in (1) Biochemistry and (2) Cell Physiology & Neurobiology. Throughout her work at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Flavia focused on engineering the first multi-faceted comparative genomic tool for high sequencing analysis for Cronbacter spp, a gram-negative bacteria affiliated with meningitis cases in neonates and the elderly. Flavia is very passionate about medical research and hopes that her background can help develop and propel projects where students from all immigration backgrounds can share their research. As Flavia continues to progress in her educational journey, she will be using her background in community outreach to lead the PEEP Cohort for this upcoming year. She plans to use various platforms to strengthen the PHD community through connection and fruitful networking. Research Fellow Nashelit Ochoa Research Fellow Nashelit Ochoa is an Ecuadorian immigrant and first generation student that grew up in Pennsylvania. She is currently completing her Biology major and Psychology and Health Humanities minors at Chestnut Hill College. She aims to become a dentist that serves and advocates for the undocumented communtiy, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ community, and other disadvantaged groups. Her interest in health stemmed from her family’s limited access to care and the commonality of this narrative among the undocumented, Latinx, and overall immigrant communities. In the future, she hopes to advocate for practices that increase healthcare access as well as to employ her dental clinical skills to provide care as a traveling dentist. She is excited to take on her role as PHD’s first research fellow and aims to study health disparities among 1.5 generation DACA and non-DACA undocumented immigrants as well as first generation undocumented immigrants. Her study will also attempt to identify preventative care programs that could alleviate these present disparities. Email Follow

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    Contact Us! The Team Click on the member you wish to email Join the Listserv Yadira Ortiz Executive Director Nursing , Dentistry Advocacy Support Licensure Ally Trainings Sponsorship Financial Assistance Background check for SSN Other health-related professional programs Join Flavia Negrete Project Coordinator Licensing, Income Generating options Website Inquiries PHDreamers Rocio Muñante Navarro Program Coordinator Medical School Post Bacc programs , Public Health programs Maria Navarro Program Coordinator PEEP Program Student Network questions Social Media

  • From our Students | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Thao Ma B.A Psychology, MN Chemistry San Francisco State University, 2023 The educational challenges I faced ranged from status limitations to accessibility. As an undocumented student, I often felt disappointed when applying for an internship since many of them required a social security number. Since I don’t have one, I always had to withdraw from such internships. Furthermore, as an undocumented pre-med student, I can’t utilize the advice given to me by professors and upper classmates—who are documented and can go through a traditional pathway to internship and opportunities. Fortunately, since being a program participant of Pre-Health Dreamers, I don’t withdraw myself from internships anymore. Instead, I push myself to question the organization about its eligibility and requirements. I also find myself more confident in achieving my dream and seeing the reality of my goal being carved. Nashelit Ochoa B.S Biology, MN Psychology and Health Human Humanities Chestnut Hill College At Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD), I found a community of friends and supporters. Nowhere else have I been able to speak of my status without fear, and nowhere else have I received the same level of acceptance and encouragement. Coming from a campus with scarce resources for the undocumented community, I often felt alone and disoriented on how to navigate entering dental school, especially since I lacked the safe space to speak of my status. PHD pushed me to believe in my voice and continue finding opportunities. Thanks to them I built my understanding of pursuing dentistry, expanded my network, worked on my first research project, presented at my first conference, attained a friend that I hope will last me a lifetime, and am finding new opportunities through their dental group. I am extremely grateful for Yadi, Angeles, and my friend Andrea. I couldn't envision my college journey without them and PHD. I'm happy I applied to PHD's PEEP program and grateful to have been accepted. Alexis Perez M.S. Biology City College of New York, 2025 The status of "undocumented" didn’t register in my head until I started asking my parents if I could start working. The realization of the obstacles that came with this status came during my college applications while I was in high school. After seeing this, it felt like my world had become a lot smaller. It felt like I was in a tiny room, and my friends were able to move around freely outside this room, and suddenly I realized how alone I was. As ironic as it sounds, New York City, as diverse as it is, did not have many resources or safe spaces catering to undocumented or DACAmented students. Although this has started to change in recent years, the knowledge and experiences that I gained from being introduced to PHDreamers and participating in the PEEP program can only be considered priceless and life-changing. Through their support and connections, I will be pursuing my master’s degree in biology. PHDreamers is more than just a provider of resources to people with different statuses, though. Yes, the plethora of resources can only be seen as a benefit, but through this program, they also helped me find something that I never truly found during my whole academic journey: a stable support system that didn’t just empathize with my struggles but also went through the same hurdles as I did—a community. There are no words to describe the release of pressure from being able to share my stories and hearing everyone share theirs without fearing backlash or judgment. The passion that the mentors and staff of PHDreamers showed during the program and conference to help people with similar statuses inspired my colleague and me to take on the project of creating a branch in NYC to allow others from my city to experience the same things I have. I hope to become a pivot for my future and that of my fellow PEEPs. Gabriela Silva B.S. Biology and Psychology City College of New York, 2020 As a first-generation college graduate and DACA recipient, I encountered a significant deficit in resources and institutional support while striving to attain a college degree, particularly in my pursuit of a career in medicine. New York City is a renowned city for its incredible diversity and one of the largest immigrant populations, yet it remains one of the areas with the least amount of resources available to Undocu/DACA students. Throughout my time in college, I had limited access to scholarships and was ineligible for federal financial aid, including Pell Grants and federal student loans, making the cost of my college education a constant concern. Moreover, navigating the difficult process of medical school applications was made more challenging due to the lack of appropriate guidance from pre-med advisors, who did not have the knowledge necessary to help students with their immigration status. Obtaining clinical and research experience typically required by medical schools presented another obstacle, primarily due to its scarcity and inaccessibility due to legal and institutional restrictions. Although with time I became better at finding my own resources, the constant discouragement and lack of mentorship in medicine were emotionally daunting and oftentimes made a career in medicine feel unattainable. It was only after graduating college, when I luckily encountered the Pre-Health Dreamers PEEP program, that I finally found a path that made a career in medicine feel achievable. This amazing program not only fueled my passion for medicine once again, but it also provided invaluable guidance, equipping me with essential tools and resources to advocate for myself and to become a more competitive applicant for the upcoming application cycle. Most importantly, I found a safe space and an amazing community of people who became like my family. This sense of finally feeling like I belonged somewhere was invaluable, and through sharing that feeling alone, my fellow PEEP colleague and I had the idea to expand PHD to NYC. PHD is making this possible for us, and through their connections, we are now forming a possible partnership with CUNY. Through this PHD-NYC extension program, we want students like us to feel a sense of empowerment, safety, and community. Together, we will change the statistics and make the immigrant community healthier. Karen Cruz-Ruiz B.S Public Health Pre-Health Dreamers has inspired me to pursue various routes of healthcare, including Public Health and Physician Assistant Studies. Through this organization, I was able to meet various individuals who, despite barriers set in place, have defied all odds by going above and beyond in their professional lives. Prior to finding PHDreamers, I knew very few individuals who understood the challenges of our prospective status. Now, I have a large community of people who I can and do reach out to for assistance and support. What PHDreamers has done for me is provide me with the necessary financial, professional, and personal information needed to one day achieve my aspirations of providing quality care for immigrant communities and assisting marginalized birthing people through the maternal and child health sector of Public Health. Truthfully, I was reassured that there are no limitations to my professional desires and that I am capable of achieving all my propositions regardless of immigration status– and as an undocumented latina woman, that means the world.

  • Share your Story! | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Share your story We want to hear from you and your experience. ​ Pre-Health Dreamers provides services to students and institutions of higher education nationwide. We are interested in hearing your stories. Have you utilized Pre-Health Dreamers' resources? Have you received advice, advocacy support, guidance, or training from the PHD team? We want to hear about your experience. How were we able to support you? How can we do better? Your story could end up on our website, in newsletters, in one of our digital publications, or social media, but we will contact you first. What's Your Story? First Name Last Name Email Submit you story Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • LaunchPad | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Undocu LaunchPad Application Deadline Location March 1, 2024 11:59 PM PST Virtual Year 2024 Share Launching a business may be challenging, thrilling, and fulfilling., especially for a student or individual who plans to be a health professional. You know you want to get that degree and that career in health care, but the process may become overwhelming if you don't have a clear idea of where it can go, how to construct it, and how to keep it going. But we are here to help you brainstorm! Student Login IMAGINE Start brainstorming what services your business will offer in the health industry. IDENTIFY Learn what paperwork you need to establish your business. STRATEGIZE Discover how to engage clients and partners with customized marketing. LAUNCH Launch your company and start creating partnerships and providing services. How can you advance your dream into reality? Knowledge and skills you will gain from UndocuLaunch Pad. Transferable Skills What abilities, expertise, or other assets can you offer? You may have picked up a skill while doing odd jobs without realizing it. Discover skillsets that are valuable for your own healthcare-related business. Federal & State Laws Some laws protect the rights of undocumented entrepreneurs across several states of the United States. Plan a Budget Consider integrating both your personal and corporate goals when creating a budget. Will you lease an office space? Will you be working from home? Marketing & Promotions Create your first business flyer and logo. Learn how to promote your services for a specific client or community. Vision and Mission What is your vision for your company? How do you plan to serve your community? Answering these questions will assist you in developing your company's vision and goal. Permits & Insurance Understand the regulations and licenses needed to legitimize your business.

  • Pre-Health Dreamers' Response to Supreme | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Pre-Health Dreamers' Response to Supreme Court DACA Decision Dear PHD family, ​ We did it!! We had a huge win this morning when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the DACA program. We are elated that many members from the PHDreamers’ community and beyond, were able to take a sigh of relief and celebrate this moment. The DACA program supports nearly 700,000 individuals nationally and impacts even more families and communities across the country. This moment can bring mixed emotions. Many members in the PHD community are not eligible for DACA or have family members and loved ones who were left behind by this immigration policy. We also acknowledge that DACA was never a permanent solution and it does not provide a pathway to citizenship. We firmly believe in the need for a comprehensive immigration reform that benefits all undocumented immigrants in this country. Today’s victory is a battle won from a much larger war that still needs to be fought. ​ We hope to help answer some questions on what today’s decision means. According to the Immigration Legal Resource Center (ILRC) , today’s decision means that the court sided with DACA recipients in acknowledging that the way the program was rescinded was unlawful. Even though the program has been reinstated, it is important to note that the administration can still try to end the program. What the decision means for the time being is that the program will continue with the following benefits: Current DACA recipients can continue to submit renewal applications. Individuals who meet eligibility for DACA will be able to submit new applications. All eligible individuals should consult with a legal representative prior to submitting a DACA application for the first time. Advanced Parole may open in the future, but it is unclear what this will look like given the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions. ​ For those seeking financial assistance for DACA, please visit this website by RAICES! It is important that everyone in the community take the time to process their emotions regardless of what they may be. However, PHD recognizes that we must continue to advocate for more progressive institutional policies for the undocumented community. We strongly believe that no piece of paper or status defines who you are. We will continue to shape our own futures regardless of what may come and not let restrictive and discriminatory policies hold us down. ​ PHD wants to thank all the undocumented individuals that advocated for DACA to stay and consistently consistently advocates for the rights of all immigrants. For years, many individuals have tirelessly shared their stories to politicians and to the media including hundreds of individuals in the PHD community. Every single individual who was also so brave to share their story to their peers, teachers, counselors, admission officers and others, we thank you as well. Thank you to all who marched and protested in support of all undocumented immigrants. Your courageous work as undocumented young people and adults has been a powerful one and never forget that this victory came with your work. WE earned it. We would also like to thank the organizations and institutions that filed against the administration when DACA was rescinded in 2017. Pre-Health Dreamers joined the Association of American Medical Colleges and 31 other organizations in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court filed in September 2019 where we detailed why the DACA program was vital to health care professionals. We included results from our 2019 Breaking More Barriers report (shout out to all who completed the survey!). Our very own co-founder New Latthivongskorn was a plaintiff in the first lawsuit filed against the Trump Administration for rescinding DACA. And Denisse Rojas, also co-founder of PHD, was the sole witness to the DACA program in the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing a month after the program was rescinded. Our PHD community was instrumental in this fight. ​ We’d like to share other recent media featuring our PHD community! Including Dr. Veronica Velasquez (Doctor of Physical Therapy), Dr. Dalia Larios, MD , Dr. Cesar Andrade, Drs Andino and Barnal , and Krissia Rivera (medical student at Brown). Today’s news will continue to benefit an estimated 699,350 active DACA recipients residing in the United States. However, advocacy must continue for all undocumented and TPS individuals. Families deserve to stay together. In this fight with you - today and always. ​ ​ Yours truly, ​ Yadira Ortiz, Executive Director Pre-Health Dreamers || ​ Denisse Rojas Marquez, Co-founder, Pre-Health Dreamers || ​ Dr. New Latthivongskorn, Co-founder, Pre-Health Dreamers ||

  • For our educators | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Educators National Community Coalition Become one of our educational institutional members Request a presentation Do you want us to present a topic at your school?

  • Educational | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Institutional Guidance Academic barriers, such as institutions refusing to admit students based on their immigration status, can present unnecessary stress and challenges to rising students. These guides provide information on how to apply for programs that consider undocumented applicants with temporary benefits, DACA, or other immigration statuses. Medicine Pharmacy Undergraduate Students Licensure Dentistry Nursing Post-Bac

  • Resource: Pharmacy | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Institutional Guidance: Pharmacy Academic barriers, such as institutions refusing to admit students based on their immigration status, can present unnecessary stress and challenges to rising students. These guides provide information on how to apply for programs that consider undocumented applicants with temporary benefits, DACA, or other immigration statuses. 2021 Guidance for Pharmacy Programs on Considering Applicants with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA “This guide encourages admissions committees and institutional leaders involved in selection processes to consider applicants with DACA for seats in their Pharmacy program as they would consider any other applicant. Upon review of applications, you are sure to find that these students have a breadth of life experiences, cultural agility, linguistic expertise, and unique perspectives.”

  • Health Care Access | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Health Care Access DACA and Medi-Cal “Enrolling in Medi-Cal means you will have access to health services for FREE or at low cost, including preventative services- like annual check-ups, dental and vision care, and medication.” BUILDING STRONGER CONNECTIONS & A SAFE SPACE FOR UNDOCUMENTED PATIENTS Pre-Health Dreamers' undocu ally training is designed for health professionals and pre-health students. This presentation defines the undocumented community and provides essential national-level data that brings awareness to the needs of this population. Our team will also discuss legislation affecting undocumented and immigrant communities and their access to health care, and how structural competency relates to undocumented immigrants. We will provide ideas for creating a safe clinical space, strengthening the connection between you and your undocumented patients, and developing partnerships that will continue to bring this training to your sites. ​ ​ Please contact for more information and to request a training. Building Stronger Connections & A Safe Space for Undocumented Patients Immigrant Health Community Packet “Thank you to the CA-PIF, Outreach & Communications Workgroup and immigrant community experts for the Immigrant Health Community Packet below!” ​ Please contact to request a presentation. #Health4All “Pre-Health Dreamers has a shared vision of a healthier community, where everyone has access to affordable and quality health care regardless of immigration status. We are committed to collaborating with community partners in the effort to redefine “health” and “health care” for the undocumented immigrant communities, and to advocate for changes in legislation or policies to reach our vision. Documented or undocumented, everyone deserves to be healthy.” How Can Physicians Care and Advocate for Undocumented Immigrants? “About 11 million undocumented people are living in the U.S. today. This is one of the country’s most vulnerable populations because they frequently do not have access to health insurance and can be afraid to present for care. Physicians should understand the ethical issues that arise when supporting and caring for undocumented immigrants, refugees and asylees. “ NILC: Health Care Providers and Immigration Enforcement Know Your Rights, Know Your Patients’ Rights “The threat of increased federal immigration enforcement has raised concerns among immigrant families, some of whom may decide to forego necessary medical services out of fear that they could be putting themselves and their family members at risk. This factsheet provides advice to hospitals, medical centers, community health centers, other health care facilities, and advocates on how to prepare for and respond to (a) enforcement actions by immigration officials and (b) interactions with law enforcement that could result in immigration consequences for their patients.” California Health Care Resources for Undocumented Immigrants from Hispanas Organized for Political Equity (HOPE) “This resource guide provides a comprehensive list of affordable healthcare options. The resource guide includes services rendered, health care provider contact information, and types of fees.”

  • NCC | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Pre-Health Dreamers’ National Community Coalition NATIONAL COMMUNITY COALITION’S (NCC) VISION PHD promotes a culture of inclusion in higher education. Through the NCC annual membership, PHD will work with institutions to establish equitable and holistic resources and processes that support the success of undocumented communities. The NCC seeks to address barriers and empower institutions to establish intentional, streamlined, structured support for undocumented students. Through this project, our team will create champion sites that welcome undocumented individuals and provide essential support and safe and welcoming spaces through: ​ Enrichment assessments Site-specific training Events and regular check-ins Goal setting. ​ PHD wants to enrich your support and services for your students who are undocumented. We will provide training that elevates cultural and structural sensitivity and long-term sustainable solutions. "What an amazing team. We learned so much, both individually and organizationally. I will miss the ongoing consultations but I am thankful for the past year. " 2022-2023 NCC Member NCC Membership Levels $7,500 UNDOCUALLY TRAINING Tailored to your unique institution. All members of the institution are encouraged to attend. DEVELOPING AN UNDOCUSUPPORT SYSTEM ​ Enrichment Assessment of Campus Support for Undocumented Students. Exclusive to the Undocumented Students Task Force. NCC COMMUNITY WEBINARS Enrichment Assessment of Campus Support for Undocumented Students. Exclusive to the Undocumented Students Task Force. ACCESS TO PHD NETWORK Interact with our diverse community . of members tailing nationwide. Learn More

  • PEEP | Pre-Health Dreamers

    Peer Engagement Enrichment Program Application Deadline Location December 1st, 2023 11:59 PM PST Virtual Year 2023-2024 Share PHD's Peer Engagement and Enrichment Program (PEEP) is a graduate pipeline program for undocumented students pursuing health professions. The program's design supports students with complex immigration statuses such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protective Status. Participants pursue health-related programs such as medical school, physical therapy, nursing, etc. Each profession has barriers: background checks, restrictive admission requirements, and inequitable support in schools. ​ PEEP shapes and trains competitive applicants to break barriers that undocumented students face. Our program focuses on empowerment, self-advocacy, story sharing, and professional skills. ​ P E E P Innovation Challenge 2024 “If you look at history, innovation does not come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect,” says Steven Johnson, a popular American science author. Traditionally, the responsibility of coming up with innovative products, services, and business models was assigned only to a handful of people within institutions. Pre-existing institutions have not provided a reliable concept for undocumented youth to pursue their education or choose eligible healthcare. Here at PhDreamers, we are trying to motivate students to tackle these issues first hand. We will strive to tackle issues they have faced by working in diverse teams and developing and building solutions. This year, PhDreamer's Peer Engagement and Enrichment Program will provide a research component to our students by using the program as a platform for students to build and develop a solution to an existing pressing issue amongst immigrant communities. We welcome all interested in applying for 2024's Summer PEEP 2024 Cohort. Learn more Student Apply today to be a part of the 2023 PEEP Scholar Program. Learn more Mentor Share your knowledge and experience with PEEP scholars as they break down problems and transform ideas into solutions. Learn more Meet our PEEP Alumni Cohort 2020 - 2021 Cohort 2021 - 2022 Cohort 2022 - 2023

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