Full Name: Oscar Hernandez

Hometown: San Diego

School: University of California Irvine

Program: MD / PRIME-LC


I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and my parents made the journey into the US, where we settled in a trailer park in Barrio Logan, San Diego, California. I was accepted into The Preuss School UCSD, every low­income minority’s dream school, a gateway to the best education and eventually, a passport to a top university. In 2014, I received my bachelor’s degree in physiology and neuroscience from the UC San Diego (UCSD). After completing UC Irvine's Postbaccalaureate program, I will be the first DACA student to ever attend UC Irvine School of Medicine PRIME-LC program.

Fun Fact:

"They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds"

What advice would you give to future undocumented students applying to graduate programs?

Join and get involved in many community dreamer networks. You will not believe the amount of support and resources they can provide. We are all pioneers and sharing any information can help other undocumented students.Don't be afraid to take an unconventional path. Many of us have and came out the other side.