The sooner we can take ownership of health as a necessity for all immigrants, the sooner we will be able to advocate for it; to turn awareness into action 

— New Latthivongskorn / Via California Healthline Think Tank, December 2013


Pre-Health Dreamers has a shared vision of a healthier community, where everyone has access to affordable and quality health care regardless of immigration status. We are committed to collaborating with community partners in the effort to redefine “health” and “health care” for the undocumented immigrant communities, and to advocate for changes in legislation or policies to reach our vision. Documented or undocumented, everyone deserves to be healthy.



Along with other immigrant rights organizations, we have worked with The California Endowment to uplift the unique voices of immigrant youth and increase visibility around the exclusion from health coverage. To learn more about the billboards, TV spots, and radio ads, visit



“Immigrant youth from across America share their stories about growing up without access to health care. Their stories resemble those of the one million undocumented Californians who will remain without health coverage even under health care reform.”




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