Meet Sumbul Siddiqui, former Neuroscience student at Agnes Scott College, 15’ seeking to pursue a career in medicine. Last June Sumbul was granted advanced parole and was enabled to travel to Pakistan to meet her relatives for the first time in two decades and was even awarded a Project for Peace Award for the work she and her partner were able to accomplish. Sumbul’s proposal for the Davis Projects for Peace Program was created with the goal of establishing a computer lab and library room to give the students and teachers of Iqra Islamia School a platform for learning, and through the internet, sharing their ideas with a larger community. The amazing work Sumbul contributed to as a part of her project paved an opportunity for Sumbul to not only learn more of her Pakistani heritage, but also to empower the instructors of Iqra Islamia School with technology and training in programs such as powerpoint that will improve the education of the local community for years to come.

From the words of Sumbul: “I’ve learned through this project in Pakistan that we often take the tiniest things for granted in life, and the most important thing that molds us as to who we are today comes from our education. Our understanding of one another comes from the quality of education that we receive, and when we are equipped with the necessary tools, we can promote peace and understanding amongst each other.”

Relive her journey through her project’s blog PakiProject4Peace2015 and official report.