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Illinois Allow Medical & Dental School Loans for Undocumented Students

Loyola DACA


“Smart, hardworking, motivated students are applying to medical school, And because of circumstances beyond their control, they do not have the access to financial assistance.” – chairman of the Illinois Finance Authority.

For all Pre-Med DREAMers / undocumented students applying to medical school, please (highly) consider Loyola Stritch School of Medicine [www.stritch.luc.edu/daca].

Recap: They are the first and only medical school in the nation to publicly come out and support accepting undocumented students. (Yes, it’s a big deal).

The state of Illinois passed a measure to allow DACA-eligible folks to take out loans to help pay for dental and medical school. More details to come as we find out specifics, but definitely something to keep an eye out for!

Read more at: The Daily Whale

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Nursing Without Borders

Nursing Without Borders


A moving article at the intersection of immigration and healthcare by Heather Boerner in the National Nurses Magazine.

Heather reveals stories of undocumented persons who lack access to healthcare, the complexity of healthcare access for individuals with the healthcare reform, first hand accounts of health professionals who care for immigrants and the story of an undocumented nurse.

Click Here to read the article.


Pre-Health Dreamers on KWMR West Marin Community Radio

Healthcare For All


PHD’s very own Denisse and Angel were guest on KWMR’s Epicenter radio show. They both discussed the impacts of Immigration Reform and the Affordable Care Act on the health of undocumented immigrants.

Follow this link to stream the show: http://kwmr.org/blog/show/5349

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Pre-Health Dreamers Partners with E4FC Creative Writing Program

Calling All Bay Area Pre-Health Dreamers:

This summer from July 8th to August 25th E4FC and PhD will partner to host an Immigration and Healthcare creative writing course. We invite all young undocumented people in the local Bay Area to join the healthcare course.

In these workshops, you’ll explore creative writing as a way to communicate your experience in a compelling way. You’ll write personal narratives based on your immigration story, share and discuss your narratives with other undocumented young people, and finally, present one polished story at E4FC’s summer celebration on August 25th.

Applications Are Due by June 23rd: http://goo.gl/3k4pn (Follow this link for more details)

Please note: There is NO cost for participating in these workshops.