Our Mission

As a nationwide network of students, educators, and allies, PHD’s mission is to support undocumented pre-health students through serving as a Community of students and allies offering peer support and professional development, a Resource of unprecedented knowledge on related career pathways, an Advocate for increased access to health careers and health care for the undocumented community.

Our Goals

  • To build a continually expanding Community of like-minded individuals to connect, share resources, knowledge, and support each other through online list-servs, social networks, and an independent website, allowing for communication, guidance, and relationship building.
  • Serve as a Resource for students, educators, and allies upon assessing specific needs through surveys and interviews. We will develop materials such as resource guides, frequently-asked-questions, policy briefs, and databases of schools with supportive policies and internship/volunteering opportunities.
  • Push for Institutional Change by collaborating with concerned health professionals, institutions, and professional associations as well as attorneys and policy makers to find more effective ways to support and create pathways for students. We will advocate for more DREAMer-friendly policies at reluctant institutions and raise awareness of the issue for the general public and concerned entities by organizing educational webinars and presentations.
  • Provide Professional Development by sharing and actively seeking volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities relevant to fields of interest. Advising and mentoring for students will help guide them toward success.
  • Promote Community Service as a venue for undocumented youth to call upon their perspectives and experiences to begin and/or continue contributing to their communities.

Our Vision

We believe that motivated undocumented people possess invaluable experience from having overcome significant obstacles and living in underserved communities. When allowed to put these experiences into practice through meaningful work, undocumented people can help meet the rising demand for a diverse healthcare workforce. We strive to convince graduate and professional schools to adopt nondiscriminatory policies and attitudes toward students with complex immigration circumstances.

The vision of Pre-Health Dreamers centers around the beliefs that immigration status should not exclude anybody from pursuing their dreams of higher education, careers, and contributing to their communities.